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With the key objective of setting new standards for language services, The Wordshop was founded by a team of translators, creative writers and content consultants with several years of experience in the UAE and abroad.


And with a wide array of clients from the public and private sectors, our team has confidently acquired the experience and skills that distinguish The Wordshop as an emerging platform for content management.

Who we are...


From translation, to creative writing, from content management to consultancy, we are never short of words. Whatever you are trying to say, we know how to say it best, and in all world languages.

translation | proofreading | editing | conference interpretation

Our perfect combination of in-house translators and internationally-based freelancers are native in more than 75 languages, and specialize in a wide range of industries.

copywriting | content creation | adaptation | web design | visual content

Trust our gurus to perfectly tell your stories. With a fresh text that is smart, eloquent and culturally sensitive, or with bespoke visual media that speak a thousand words, we make sure your message doesn't get lost in translation. 

content design | communication plans | leadership & talent development

Beside the languages of the world, The Wordshop speaks business. Our strategic wordmasters (aka consultants) can assist with multicultural/multilingual initiatives, and go beyond language barriers. We know how to pick the words that work...

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Question? Feedback? Please leave us a message, and one of our wordmasters will contact you as soon as possible.

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The Wordshop FZ LLE   United Arab Emirates    +971 50 871 84 94

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The wordshop | translation and content creation

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